Our Care Management Services

We understand that the toughest part of elder care can be putting a Care Plan into action once the key issues are determined. Oftentimes, the tasks required to implement the Care Plan are enormous and time consuming and many caregivers just do not have the time or capacity to research and arrange all of the services to best meet their elder’s needs.

Our Care Coordination Program was designed to take the weight of responsibility off of your shoulders. The program is the most convenient solution to searching and arranging services and products for your elder based on their specific needs and preferences.

When you authorize an Aging Life care manager to handle care coordination, we will do all of the research, arrange all of the services, and fill out all of the paperwork to accommodate your loved one’s needs. Moving an elderly individual from their home to a long-term care facility is never easy. If such a need should arise, you can rest assured that we will enlist the help of people who specialize in moving seniors to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Care Monitoring provides ongoing oversight of services provided. A licensed, professional practitioner from our team of skilled New Mexico Care Managers will notify you if a change in status occurs or if a change in plan is needed.

One of our professional Care Managers will regularly check in with your loved one at their home or care facility to ensure their needs are being met and that they are comfortable. Our Care Managers will also take the time to review the elder care health plan to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date and coordinate any necessary changes.

Our comprehensive Care Monitoring services include:

  • One or more scheduled visits to the elder’s home or facility every month for a status evaluation
  • Regular email or telephone consultations with family to discuss any issues that arise
  • Coordination and interaction with outside service providers and facility staff
  • Monthly email updates to family members and other appropriate parties, such as attorneys, trust officers, and physicians
  • Accompanying elders to medical appointments and emergency room visits
  • 24/7 access 365 days a year to our emergency on-call service (Additional hourly fees apply when service is provided, but you always have access to our guaranteed response whenever you need it.

Aging Life is a valuable resource for families facing financial, legal, or health care issues associated with aging. Our team of highly qualified professional consultants and care managers evaluate, assess, and offer workable solutions to problems commonly associated with aging or disability.

When families experience disagreements regarding the care of a loved one, Aging Life can provide professional facilitated family meetings and conflict resolution services to assist families in finding compromise. A facilitated family meeting is an excellent alternative to costly court-related litigation when there is significant conflict. We strive to help get families on the same page so they move forward on a common goal of caring for their loved one.

Aging Life’s approach promotes communication and understanding by keeping each family member informed.

Issues we address:

  •  Needs of loved one
  •  Care options
  •  Financial decisions
  •  Safety versus autonomy
  •  Long-term care decisions
  •  Role definition
  •  Placement decisions