Aging Life Happy Weekender Program

The Aging Life Happy Weekender Program was developed to help those caring for seniors or aging loved ones continue to live their own lives with the knowledge that their loved one is cared for in their absence. If you want to get away for a weekend or have a dream vacation, but worry that your elderly loved one will not be cared for, Aging Life is ready to help. The Happy Weekender Program is also ideal for people who have to travel often for business and need to ensure that their loved one won’t be neglected in their absence. 

Peace of Mind Your Loved One is Cared For

Our professional care managers provide round-the-clock support to your aging loved one while you travel or spend time out of town, whether you’re gone for business or pleasure. The Aging Life team will be ready to step in for:

  • Medical emergencies 
  • Attending medical appointments
  • Running errands as the need arises
  • Caregiver oversight

And more! 

The Aging Life Happy Weekender Program frees up time for you to travel while we handle all aspects of senior care that you may fear will go missed. So go ahead and plan that dream vacation!

How the Happy Weekender Program Works

To begin the process, complete a Happy Weekender Enrollment Packet. Once you’ve completed enrollment, your loved one’s information will be in the system and you are ready to travel!

When you are ready to travel, we ask for a minimum of five days’ notice prior to your trip. This allows us to make sure everything is up-to-date, including:

  • medications
  • medical information
  • emergency contacts
  • your travel arrangements and itinerary
  • caregiver/facility contact information
  • contact information while you are away

We have various plans to help ensure your loved one is cared for while you are away, and include 24/7 on-call services for emergencies. 

If you’re ready to get out of town without the guilt of leaving your loved one, give us a call to start the Happy Weekender Program today!

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