Aging Life Springing Care Program

At Aging Life, we have experience helping seniors, disabled adults, and their loved ones make informed decisions regarding health care. The Aging Life Springing Care program was developed to offer seniors and their loved ones the option of assigning Aging Life as their Health Care Power of Attorney. 

A Health Care Power of Attorney makes health care decisions for an individual who is no longer able to make these decisions on their own. It’s important to assign this role to someone who knows who you are and can navigate the complex medical world while honoring your wishes. It’s also important to determine who will fill this role before you need it. 

How the Aging Life Springing Care Program Works

Aging Life uses a very thorough enrollment process, allowing us to get to know you and your wishes thoroughly so we can set up a plan of action for when the need arises. You will have peace of mind knowing that, as your Health Care Power of Attorney, we understand your wishes and will carry them out as you have planned. 

You’ll receive a comprehensive enrollment process that includes:

  • Two face-to-face meetings
  • Values history review
  • Development of customized file (medical history, medications, contacts, etc.)
  • 24/7 on-call service 
  • Emergency packet for home
  • Annual update meeting in the Aging Life office
  • Quarterly invitations to educational Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Quarterly newsletter

In the case that we need to step in as your Health Care Power of Attorney, you will receive:

  • Healthcare navigation and guidance
  • A professional care manager to attend medical appointments or emergency room visits
  • Help in discharge transitions from the hospital or rehabilitation facilities
  • Pet care coordination in emergencies
  • A professional care manager to provide medical staff with
    • Medical history and current diagnoses
    • Contacts
    • Insurance information
    • Advance directives
    • Medical information
  • Ongoing care management services as needed (hourly rates apply)

If you’re ready to join the Aging Life Springing Care Program and take control of your medical future, click below to get in touch with us now, call us at (505) 338-0720 or email us by clicking here.