Professional care management is a service that provides assistance to individuals or families in caring for aging family members or disabled loved ones. These Aging Life Care™ professionals are often social workers, gerontologists, nurses, or counselors who have a specialized body of knowledge and experience related to aging and care issues. A professional care manager may provide help to families of aging seniors by assisting with addressing issues related to their health, psychological function, and financial or legal status. 

Our Aging Life Care™ specialists act as an experienced guide and resource for elderly individuals or the families of older adults with ongoing care needs. This may include monitoring and evaluating care, helping to determine the best course of care for an individual, and maintaining ongoing reporting to out-of-town family members, next of kin, or caretakers on issues affecting their loved one.


Professional care management services like those provided by Aging Life can help a family who is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for an elderly parent or loved one. Aging Life can step in and provide experience and resources in the following situations:

  • When an aging individual needs advocacy related to care providers or is confused about their care solutions
  • When a family lives far away or is otherwise unavailable to provide full support
  • When an adult child or other relative needs help determining the direction of care because they are new to the situation
  • When a family is at odds regarding care decisions for an individual
  • When a family or caregiver is “burned out” by care issues
  • When a family needs help determining financial direction with regard to the care of their aging loved one
  • When a family is faced with their loved one’s rapidly declining health, such as in cases of dementia


Our care management professionals are specially trained to simplify the growing complexity of caring for senior loved ones. We create both short and long term care plans, involving your family as well as the individual in need of care. 

Our team approach puts a vast array of skills and knowledge at your fingertips, including:

  • Care management
  • Health care
  • Family dynamics
  • Mediation
  • Daily money management

A professional care manager may help schedule appointments, take an individual to appointments, determine which providers to see, or help with issues in assisted living facilities, especially with concern to financial management. Aging Life can help ease the stress and tension you may be feeling in caring for your loved one by offering expert services in aging and senior care. 

If you’re ready for help in caring for a loved one, navigating the healthcare system, or managing finances, get in touch today for a free consultation.


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“My father and my brother wanted to stay in the family home; but, their age and medical problems required more support than I could provide.  Aging Life Care Management provided the necessary support including financial management, home maintenance, in-home assistance, eventual transfer of my father to assisted living, monitoring of the health and well-being of both men, and arranging for legal assistance. Aging Life Care Management is professional, compassionate, courteous and trustworthy.  They have allowed both my father and my brother to live their lives as they wished for as long as it was possible.”

JRW, Brother of Client March 27, 2018

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